Installing plone 5.2.3 on Windows 10 Error

Hello ,

I am trying to install plone 5.2.3 using the same procedure as 5.2.2.
I arrive at the level where buidout and dependencies must be installed.
"PS D: \ Plone523>. \ Py \ Scripts \ pip.exe install -r"
I used "versions.cfg" because "requirements.cfg" gives no found "
I have the following error which blocks the rest of the installation:
"ERROR: Invalid requirement: '[buildout]' (from line 1 of
PS D: \ Plone523> "
Anyone have any idea on this?
For example @peter, did you install plone 5.2.3 after installing "plone 5.2.3 (rc1)"?

I thank you in advance.

It is requirements.txt for pip install -r and versions.cfg in a buildout.cfg file as extends = .

Hello @jensens,
Thank you very much .
I will heed the advice.
I don't know whether to try to install Plone 5.2.3 again or go straight to Plone 5.2.4.

I would always use the latest bugfix release. Plone 5.2.4 is at least tested with Windows again now. Even the UnifiedInstaller works again (see own docs on this).

@jensens tank you very much