Install an add-on (collective.multitheme)

Hello Dieter,
I added eggs +=collective.multitheme and zcml +=collective multitheme in the [buildout] but it doesn't work...What am I doing wrong...?
Isn't that a problem with the " Once copied to the root, select the environment you are releasing to
# by uncommenting the appropriate line below." part?
I'm really lost...

Antoine, for recent versions of Plone (including 5.x) you should no longer need to add an add-on in the zcml because as Dieter says modern add-ons already do this automatically. I checked and collective.multitheme does this too (as per

I wonder if this part of your problem. Buildout looks for the buildout.cfg file in its current directory. When you double-click on buildout.exe it's possible that it's picking up another buildout.cfg file in the same directory, C:/plonecms/buildout/env/Scripts. Do you have more than one buildout.cfg file? The one you want it to use is in C:/plonecms/buildout

You don't say why you're following his tutorial... (nor where to find his tutorial).

When I look at the instructions that come with collective.multitheme it should be very simple: you add one line to the eggs variable, as per then you run buildout

you need to lok at the buildout.cfg in your instance ( or zeo folder. Not the buildout.cfg in collective.multitheme (which is use when you want to 'just work with multitheme'

You do not need the the zcml entry.

That said: you should download collective.multitheme to our src folder and add it to the src section as wll.

It will work without the src part, but you will not get all the options added lately. ( I was hoping to get some help to release a new version so I have not released for a while)

Ah, I understand now. @espenmn what help do you need to release a new version?

(ps: I might restart the demo site now and then for the next week (when I develop something 'more' )

I will give it a try this morning

Note: the hidden option in manifest.cfg requires checkout of themefragments from GitHub.

Also: the front page: is constructed in setuphandlers (so if you see something wrong or typos please edit them there).

Do you mean that collective.themefragments is a requirement of collective.multitheme? Or do you really mean that a git checkout of collective.themefragments is required?

yes it is a requirement (but it is defined as a require ment so I dont think you have to think about that).

But the option showing how to hide tiles will not 'work', which doesn't not really matter, but will be very useful if you want to use it on a real site, since the users will not see the tiles that you dont want to use. If you look through the videos you will see it here )

So if you want that option, you will have to check out themefragments ( )

Oh I may have a reason to my problems:
When I double clicked on Buildout.exe, it ran the windows cmd, and the text was so fast i coulndt read it. So I made a real quick screenshot and seen that the cmd told me "
Error: Couldn’t open C:/plonecms/buildout/env/scripts/buildout.cfg
The buildout.exe is trying to open an other buildout who doesn’t exist because my buildout.cfg is in C:/plonecms/buildout/buildout.cfg
What should I do? Move my buildout.cfg to the scripts folder?

I am no Windows user. This means my advice is likely not optimal: start the "command" program (maybe called command or cmd) -- this should give you a terminal window where you can type in commands. Change the current directory to the one containing your buildout.cfg (when I remember right, the command is chdir dir (maybe cd)). Start buildout via bin\buildout.

It would probably work (and then you can figure out a better way later)

I finally got collective.multitheme released! so @thiebovic you should be able to simplify your buildout.cfg changes down to just adding this one line:

eggs = 

@thiebovic you need to use the command window, and issue a command like this:

C:/plonecms/buildout/env/Scripts/buildout.exe -c C:/plonecms/buildout/buildout.cfg
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(thanks to @mauritsvanrees for zest.releaser, especially version 6.15.0 that fixes some new issues)

Alternatively, you could move or copy your buildout.cfg so that it is in the same directory as buildout.exe (but that may cause other problems, though still worth trying)

Being it a theme, one or more screenshots could be very helpful :slight_smile:

P.S: this snippet can help to compile all the less file in subdirs.

Or maybe å demo site, like this: :grin:

Thanks you all for your help,
When i Run " C:/plonecms/buildout/env/Scripts/buildout.exe -c C:/plonecms/buildout/buildout.cfg" as @tkimnguyen told me, the command window tells me that:
Not upgrading because not running a local buildout command.
Unused options for buildout: 'eggs'.
_Updating mr.developer.
Updating instance.
Updating checkinterval.
Updating z3c.offlinepack.

I saw this post:
Could it be useful? What is a recipe?
Thanks... I think I'm cursed..:frowning:

For information: here is the WHOLE content of my buildout.cfg file:
#NOTE: This file should be copied into the buildout root directory. It
#should never be checked in to version control so that the environment
#stays the same over time.

#$ cd path/to/your-buildout
#$ cp profiles/buildout.cfg_tmpl buildout.cfg

index =
#Once copied to the root, select the environment you are releasing to
#by uncommenting the appropriate line below.
extends =

eggs =

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