Install Add-On on Docker with Plone 5.2


I am using Plone 5.2 version, it is running, but now I want to install new add-ons, I was reading about how to install, go to the buildout.cfg add in the section [instance] there is a variable called eggs.

The problem is that in this version the buildout is different, there isn't this section and the unique eggs is under [mrbob].

So, trying a lot of times, finally I test to create a new variable under [buildout], like this:

extends =

extensions =
effective-user = plone
buildout-user = plone
parts +=
eggs +=

I run the docker and ok. I have the easyform. But if I need to add new add-on I open this file buildout.cfg and add the new add-on (inside docker), but I dont have the bin/buildout in this I need to run other different file in 5.2 version?


Please put extracts from files into code blocks (otherwise (often significant) whitespace can be lost).

The eggs in your buildout.cfg in actually not in an [mrbob] section but in the [buildout] section. Often the [instance] section takes its eggs definition from the eggs definition in the [buildout] section.

Note that buildout supports a hierarchical configuration. The extends in your buildout.cfg means "take all definitions from buildout-base.cfg and then add/override as specified here".