Inheriting from Barceloneta changes spacing

I have created a theme that inherits from Barceloneta, following the description in the subsection Inheriting from Barceloneta of Mastering Plone Theming. However, the inherited theme does not look exactly like the Barceloneta theme; it lacks the empty space above and below the breadcrumbs. What is the reason for this? Is this approach of inheriting from an existing theme even recommended?

This is how it looks with the Barceloneta theme:

And this is how it looks with the inherited theme:

Apparently, I have found the source of the problem. The inherited theme uses the default document type XHTML 1.0 Transitional, while Barceloneta uses the document type declaration <!DOCTYPE html>. The fix is to put the line doctype = <!DOCTYPE html> into manifest.cfg.

Could the theming tutorial be fixed accordingly, please?

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