Index fields of custom templates

I wonder how to index templates custom fields, as currently my searches do not find data from custom templates fields could help me?

version used:
Plone 5.0.4 (5015)
Zope 2:13:24

What are "template custom fields"?

Templates are used to render content types (for example). You probably want to index the values stored in your content types. Have a look at

I managed to create a new index for my custom template, but the value is not indexed properly, because the object to be rich text, below what appears to me:
RichTextValue object. (Did you mean <attribute>.raw or <attribute>.output?)

Searching saw that you need to install the add-on "" or "collective.dexteritytextindexer" so that the rich text object of value to be indexed properly.

But I can not install any of these add-on, for the installation of it depends on the ZOE that I can not install to be using the python version 2.7.5 and you must have> = 2.7.9
I came to compile the python 2.7.12 but the pip does not catch the packages installed on my old version of python. I'm trying to solve this problem.

Anyone would have any suggestions? Or other alternative?

In your custom template, you need to add /raw or /output to the part that is displaying the rich text.

For example you would replace:

<div tal:content="view/bodytext"></div>


<div tal:content="view/bodytext/raw"></div>

I do not know if it was clear my goal, but I want to perform searches on fields that use rich text. My view is occurring correctly, but can not perform searches in rich text content.

Ok, then you do need dexteritytextindexer.

Are you using a virtualenv for setting up the buildout? It would look something like this:

$ cd /path/to/buildout
$ virtualenv env --python=python2.7.12
$ env/bin/pip install zc.buildout
$ env/bin/buildout