Incorporate locally hosted into Plone5

Does somebody happen to know, if there is a way to add drawings into a Plone5 site, so that the diagramm is displayed as Image, the editor opens on double click and writes back the changed diagramm.

Is there an AddOn that does something similiar with another content type?

I dont think there is an add on (looks like there are not any for other CMS either).

Adding the drawing to a plone site is easy,… just export it.

If you need to 'click to edit', maybe you can just 'export url' and include it in you content type. You will not be able to 'make a new', though.

(if you have a budget for this, I could maybe make a mosaic tile, a behavior or something that let you add it to your every content type).

You have to check if provides a public API and a way to embed the functionality (yourself).


draw has an embed mode. Using this you can open in an iFrame overlay and have comms between the host and draw to load/save, get PNG, etc. This is the simplest way to get an integration going.

If you want draw running locally, that's a little more complex. You could take the auto-built .war of drawio and running it on a Tomcat/other servlet engine. Then you'd reference the URL of that engine rather than the online draw site.