<includeDependencies package="." /> what does it do / Plone 6 /

I am checking a few packages (if they are compatible with Plone 6).

I noticed the following line in configure.zcml (etc) in some of them

  <includeDependencies package="." />

which gives ''Unknown directive"

Is there any use for this line (what does it do… to me it looks like it does 'nothing' )

We removed z3c.autoinclude in Plone 6. Therefore you have to explicitly include a package in your zcml instead of using includeDependencies:

  <include package="plone.behavior" />


The directive includeDependencies is discouraged since some time and it has been removed in Plone 6, more details in https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/pull/3339