Improving collective.easyform Under GSOC'16

Hello everyone,

This is just an introductory post about the work I will be doing in GSOC'16 for improving collective.easyform.
Currently easyform is failing for test cases and it is not working properly for plone 5 too. I am currently working for improving test cases for easyform and I have started working on that too. I have created a separate branch named improve_mailer_tests for improving tests derived from branch plone 5 . Still tests cases are failing and I am looking into it these days. @smcmahon is helping me out from first day and he is my mentor for this project too. I really thank him for such a great support and hope the same for future too. I will also like to know if there are ideas for improving the easyforms. Right now we are working on tests cases and our first target will be make the add-on passing all the test cases and later adding more features to it.
I have also faced problem regarding the mailer template and I have also created a separate branch for that too correct_mailer_template . So this is the work I have done till now. Will be working with you people on easyforms this summer and will improve easyforms.

Prakhar Joshi
IRC name :- _pjoshi

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I don't know if you guys are considering this, but having a version compatible with both, Plone 4.3 and Plone 5, and having a migration path from Products.PloneFormGen seem to me also important things to consider.

Thanks for your suggestions and yeah that is also a part of the project after making the add-on stable with test cases. We will work on migration path for forms from PFG to easyforms.

I have a few forms that I would be happy to test with easyform.

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I was just wondering if there had been any progress on this?

Does anyone know if there is an agreed on / recommended way to handle form creation in Plone 5? It looks like there has been a small amount of progress on collective.easy form and also a branch of PloneFormGen targeted at P5, but it seems hard to tell which way to go with. Any insight would be greatly appreciated... :slight_smile:


There is another option in Plomino 2 beta which is plone 5. This is being used in production now. It also has a more flexible layout engine for your forms so they don't have to be all linear down the page.

You should go with EasyForm if you don't want Archetypes' weight on your brand new Plone 5 site. I currently suggest this branch:

But as you noticed progress is being made so you'd better make a fork instead of relying on current feature branches in your buildout. Those should soon be merged into master and get released but it's a WIP so if you need it for yesterday you might try to help on some of the open issues or just go for PFG - if that's more stable atm, I really haven't tried it recently.

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I'm looking at form solutions for Plone 5.1 right now...
PloneformGen seems to work for 5.0.x but not 5.1?

What's the state on the EasyForm GSOC branches, also saw some pull requests?
What is the state on all the branches?
Any help needed?

It's fully functional in Plone 5, I didn't notice any blocker issue. I have two PRs pending review&merge, though:

These should go in the branch update-toolbar-items-for-easyforms which is latest WIP by @pjoshi_. Last I heard he was working on the control panel.

(EDIT: actually #33 goes to improved_mailer_tests but that shouldn't be a problem since update-toolbar-items-for-easyforms is only a couple of commits ahead.)


I cleaned up the easyform repository this afternoon, all pull requests have been merged and tests are green.
Master (2.x) targets Plone 5 now, fixes for Plone 4 should go into the 1.x branch.

Have fun testing/contributing :wink:

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Thanks, Peter!

Thanks, Its good to see codes get merged :slight_smile:

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