Important space between menu in dropdownmenu


I'am actually creating a website for my school but I have a problem with the dropdownmenu. When the mouse hover items, the submenu is opening but there is a lot of space/blanc...

With further investigation the problem is in a file named reset-cachekey-d6a498df924e2ac0a02f1a9d33b0ee6a.css which contains this thing
** li { display: inline; }***

Do you know how to solve this and avoid this rss to destroy the css. I'am using plone 4.3.

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Looks like you are using an add on, since Plone does not have drop-down menus OOTB.

The CSS you need to add depends on which add on (or whatever you used to achieve the drop down menu).
If it is wc.dropdownmenu, it would probably be something like:

#portal-globalnav li .submenu {
margin-top: 0;

(and maybe:
display: block;

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Thanks a lot for your answer, Plone is provided by my administration (public school in france) and the module activated is "Dropdown menu 2.3.1" so I assume it's webcouturier.dropdownmenu...

In my plone website it seems to have a lot of css :

  • rain.css (the normal one of the theme)
  • carousel-cachekey-b6b793ea5b6ef784d89820b9bf4f9660.css
  • reset-cachekey-4c7361975f19114ffa0be36044b2b70e.css
  • resourceplone.css

I only know how to change rain.css (directly in the theme editor)... What CSS do I need to change and where can I edit this CSS ?

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Solution provided by my administration

Settings > ZMI > Portal CSS > Uncheck reset.css > Save

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