Import caching profiles

Import caching profiles as the control suggest, but how come the value or Strong caching vs Moderate is same???

I am not sure what you mean here. There are lots of values. Do you have a screenshot that makes the problem clear?

It does remind me of this issue from a few years ago:

That was fixed, see the version numbers in the last comment.

I have try to upgrade but when build out Error: The requirement ('') is not allowed by your [versions] constraint (1.2.23)

is that I can mark it out from the version file? or how can I fix?

I try install a new plone 5.1.6 and find out the moderate and strong is same config 86400 and other filed is empty .... is this normal? or something wrong in my side?

I create a new site with Plone 5.1.6.
In the caching control panel I imported the standard 'With caching proxy' settings.
Then I go to the Detail settings tab and click the ' View/edit global parameters' for Moderate caching, and I see what you see.
When I view/edit the global parameters for Strong caching, I see something else:

Mactrash, you are focusing on just one field, the maximum age. Read everything in the dialog. Moderate caching uses an "expire immediately" and require-revalidation strategy. Strong caching does not expire immediately; the resource stays in the browser or shared cache until expiration -- with no revalidation.

Strong caching is appropriate for resources that nearly never change. Moderate or weak caching is appropriate for resources that may change without a url change.