Image src url for 'full folder view'

I have a content type ("Book") and another ("Chapter")

Each "Book" content has a folder (images) and several "Chapter".
The images placed in each "chapter" are referenced with src="images/someimage.png" (html made outside of Plone).

How can I make a view both for chapter

http://site/book/@@book_view (which shows all the chapters and a few other things....)

without 'loosing the link to the images'

(PS: hardcoding image path would be ok, but TinyMCE converts this to relative link)

configure TinyMCE to use UIDs "resolveuid/someuid"


I think I need to try to avoid that, since the plan is to later export the content to epub (etc), and then I will have to replace all the links again (??)

The solution is add your fingertips. You forked already my own code.