Icons for Opendocument formats

Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I have just installed Plone 5.0 on a Debian 8 system for evaluation. I have noticed that there appear to be suitable icon sets for Microsoft Office documents but there appear to be none for opendocument formats (.odt .ods .odp etc...). Is this correct or does this indicate a problem with my installation?

If this is the correct behaviour then is there a way of importing suitable icon sets for opendocument formats?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

collective.mtrsetup is probably the add-on you are looking for, but I'm not sure if it's Plone 5 compatible already.

This appears to be what I am after. Unfortunately it appears that you are right and that it is not yet compatible with Plone 5.

Thanks for the help.

what about adding the missing icons to the directory here: https://github.com/plone/Products.MimetypesRegistry/tree/master/Products/MimetypesRegistry/skins/mimetypes_icons ?

Create a pull request and make sure, you've signed the Plone contributors agreement (see: http://docs.plone.org/develop/coredev/docs/guidelines.html ). Although signing the agreement might not be necessary to add the icons to the directory, as this might not be interpreted as creative work.

Thanks, I'll have a look at it.