I want to create news feeds

I want to create news feeds as in https://www.iprcenter.gov can u guide me to edit the news feed display . I am using Plone 5

Hi @AnanthaBalaji - news feeds are part of Plone 5. The syndication control panel lets you enable RSS and other types of feeds, then you activate a feed in a folder or a collection.

Just to be sure:

Are you talking about (RSS) feeds, or do you just want to make your front-page (or another) look like iprcenter.gov ?

If you are new to Plone and you want to make complex front-pages, my PERSONAL opinion is that you should use Mosaic, since it is possible to do this without any coding.

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is there any other way to do so

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Yes: write your own (browser) view or do it with diazo

@AnanthaBalaji it may help you to read through the Plone documentation to find out how to customize front pages and default folder views such as the News pages on Plone sites. This https://docs.plone.org/adapt-and-extend/index.html is specifically about customizing Plone.

The Mastering Plone training material at https://training.plone.org/5/mastering-plone/index.html is also wonderful.