I got a POSKeyError in my plone site, and only broken in a floder, other contents are correct

As title, I already post this question in stackoverflow.com

This could be an image (?). Does other content with images show correctly?
Did you migrate a site?
Have you copied stuff between mountpoints?

Have you read http://docs.plone.org/manage/troubleshooting/transactions.html#blobs-and-poskeyerrors ?

Oh, I see in your stack overflow question that you'd answered it. Good job :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. espen and T. Kim,:smiley:
I solve this problem.
and answered in stackoverflow

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If that post isn't already in our docs it needs to be!

https://github.com/plone/documentation/issues/729 :slight_smile:

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Great !!

@eleddy (the author of that plonechix blog post) is really quite something and worth going out of your way to meet if you ever get the chance :slight_smile: She lives like she codes! (or is it the other way around?) i.e. to the hilt

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