Howto: Manually removing incorrect import steps from portal setup

GenericSetup adds all import steps ever run to it's base profile, no matter where they are coming from (install, uninstall, ...). And it doesn't forget by default.

I came across this because on one site we have installed Products.Doormat. On uninstall, an import step is run, called "remove-doormat-content". Someone must have un- or re-installed Doormat some time ago on that site. Now when we want to install some other add-on, this import step is run as well, removing our existing doormat content. There is already a fix for this, but it's not yet released.

So how do we get rid of this import step? Looking at the GenericSetup code i found this method: manage_deleteImportSteps which takes a list of import step ids to remove.

To e.g. get rid of the Doormat import step, open that page in your browser: