How you can help finish Plone 5.2

Tomorrow the Alpine City Sprint starts and the declared goal is to finish Plone 5.2 so we can have a final release in February. More than 20 people are coming to the sprint and will devote a week of their time to improve Plone.

To be able do so effectively we need some help from the community. Mostly we need you to triage tickets and test the current state of Plone 5.2 with python 2 and 3 so that we do not miss a important issue. Any issue that does not show up on is very likely to be ignored.

We will also try to port a couple of addons to Python 3. If there is addon you really want to see ported please drop a comment here, otherwise we'll take some inspiration from this list:

Already ported addons (some not 100% finished and released):

  • collective.ifttt
  • eea.facetednavigation
  • collective.easyform
  • plone.restapi