How to: Using multitheme fragment in spot theme

Since I have gotten questions about using the multitheme fragments in other themes… I made something very quickly

IMPORTANT: This is the lazy way of doing it, it is better to just copy what you need instead of installing the theme (which you need to download from GitHub.)

@thiebovic @Netroxen

EDIT: Something happened with the speed, so I uploaded a new

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Looks nice.

But not really clear to me:

If I install multitheme it will override my current theme, like fonts etc. - right?

If I don't install your multitheme but follow your recommendation (copy the things I need like you did in the video - countdown.xml and how will Mosaic know about this?
There must be some registering mechanism so Mosaic will know about the countdown?

No, as long as you choose your theme in the theming control panel, everything is OK.
But: the default profile installs some demo content, you will have to delete that (the plan was to have two different install profiles, but I have not gotten there yet)

It is the magic of collective.themingfragments :slight_smile: it works exactly as in the video (if you use spot theme or any other theme, it should be the same.

Hello all ! About compatibility between multitheme and different themes, I installed a multitheme fragment on my website"s homepage. My website is under Booster theme
And mosaic view is only set on the homepage.
My problem is that multitheme blocks the menu in this homepage when I'm on mobile view (When I click on an item of the Booster's hamburger menu, nothing happens).
When I'm on another page who's not on mosaic view, the menu is ok...
How could i repair that?

I also got this error message in my console...