How to use plone.tiles in Plone4

Please can someone help me understand how to use plone.tiles in Plone4.
I have read and tried " (0.x)" and " (2.x)" and could not get the thing to work.
My intention is to quickly learn plone.tiles so to develop in more project in Plone5.

Is it design to build an entire page view or can it be place inside a viewlet or portlet?

And where should I place this tag? Inside head or body tag?
<link rel="tile" target="placeholder" href="./@@sample.tile/tile1?option1=value1" />
Also trying to find a add-on for example but to no avail. Is there a walk through demo page?

Thanks in advance.

The most common plugin to use tiles is mosaic

Before you put too much energy into making tiles, I would look at using themefragments with Mosaic.
It is super-easy to make tiles without complicated programming.

I did a simple video (in a hurry) one time the same question came up, maybe it can be useful: