How to update Plone-step by step?

I am newbie to Plone, and I'm having serious trouble finding docs and full steps on how to update/upgrade Plone 5.0.x to latest build. If someone could explain me how to to this operation on Linux step by step, I would be very, very grateful. Large company where I work is considering this platform for intranet portal, but there are some gaps about this in public documentation.
Thanks in advance.

And what are the specific gap?

Where is


Please be constructive and specific.


Sorry for no details. I've read the UPGRADE.txt file, but steps 3, 4, and 5 should be with more details, like: where to install next site, and in 5th step what path should be used for browsing and how to perform selection before upgrade. I have over 20 years experience with computers and software&web development but this is quite simple list of instructions with no screenshots or videos for quite complicated software, won't you say? It's just interesting to me.
Thanks in advance and best regards.

Probably its more simple than it seems inside a bugfix series:

  • have a backup
  • stop service
  • edit buildout.cfg and change the "extends =" line to point to the version you want.
  • run ./bin/buildout
  • start service
  • in browser, login with admin user
  • at zope root there is a list with your plones with a link to the upgrade form.
  • Run the upgrade step .


Thank you so much!
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