How to try out Mosaic?

@datakurre I am totally new in plone, I just want to ask you how can i add layout option where you use to select bootstrap demo. May be if there is a simple tutorial for it because I couldn't find anything except plone documentation

Do you have Plone installed? The quickest way to try out Mosaic is to set up a Plone Sandbox on Heroku see:

@pigeonflight Thank you so much for your reply. Yes I have installed plone 5 and ok I will let you know if I got any trouble following this training. But sorry to ask one more thing what should I know before following this training. ?

That's actually not training. It is a plone "sandbox" for trying things out. The benefit is that you have Mosaic setup for you.
If you don't mind waiting a week, there will be a detailed document on how to use Mosaic (the work in progress version is available at

@pigeonflight I am built and app in it and run it, I ask's for the username and password and I tried but is never logs in.
Could you tell me what is the problem with this ?

To help others, post this as a separate topic under the "Using Plone" category (this is currently considered a reply to someone's announcement).

Make it clear that you've installed Plone 5, mention how you installed it (e.g. using buildout or the unified installer directly from and give more details about the app that you mentioned building. I think this will help persons to answer you.

Finally there is a lot of training material being developed for the upcoming Plone conference, if you don't mind waiting a week you'll have a lot of additional reference material located at