How to start contributing to Plone

I am new to open-source and want to start contributing. What path should I follow to get started. I have programming experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What repositories and what projects would you suggest I should take up


Welcome, Jigar!

To get started, please read

Our main repo is

There are some relatively easy bugs listed in

For those interested in helping with our documentation, we have wonderful documentation about how to contribute to our documentation. You could read through that page first to get an idea of how we work on our documentation and what you'll need to do to get started.

If you're interested in helping us improve our training guides, an easy way to get started is to read through a guide and let us know in the training issue tracker if you have suggestions on improvements, especially anything that doesn't seem clear or any examples that don't work.

If you're a designer, we'd love to have your help creating or fixing Plone themes. Plone's Diazo theming engine is very powerful and makes it possible to apply arbitrarily rich themes to Plone sites. Find out more how Diazo works, and see recent examples of Diazo themes for Plone.

If you're interested in front end work, we have some ongoing projects with Angular and React that are very active, and a new Pastanaga UI, e.g.

Our core software is in and add-ons maintained by the community are in


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If you want to learn how to 'use that in Plone', I could really need some help with my
multi theme project.

This is a no-profit project, but is kind of 'fun project' and is probably a good way to learn a bit about Plone etc.

The repo is here:

I can give you some advice and suggestion.

Thanks I am ready for contributing in this repo.
Can you guide me how to start

I am moving my answers to

If you need to know how to set up Plone and use GitHub, let me know

Hey guys! I am an Engineering undergrad at BITS Goa.I know html, css, javascript and django.So,in order to get assigned to issues,I should just comment on the issue page on github right?