How to set "prettier" names for indexes in collection tabular view

I am wondering if there is a "slicker" way to do this than by creating a custom tabular view for a collection.

I have some fields in a custom content type that I'd like to display in tabular form, but the metadata indexes have names like "getJobLocation" and "EffectiveDate", rather than nicer names like "Job Location" and "Date Posted".

Is it possible to use translation .po files to specify the nicer name as a msgstring?

PS: the whole P5 story about adding indexes, metadata, and collection criteria needs to be much nicer for mortal users... needs to be doable TTW. I feel a blog post coming...

+1 for any improvement here

There's an extended customisation here: not only the index names are hard to change, if you have custom content types with date fields you'd like to index and show, these will be listed as full datetime typish strings instead of prettified dates.

The formatting for these date fields is semi hardcoded in a browserview for the unified listing view in p.a.contenttypes.

This is one thing listingviews is designed to solve.

While it can't improve the ui for picking a metadata column it does let you rename that on the display.
It doesnt give you a tabular view out of the box but that is easily done with a little diazo or could be built in later.

I've never really liked tabular view on collections. Why is it just on collections and not folder listings? Why does it have to configured seperstly for every collection? Why doesn't it work in portlets?
Something like c.listingviews should replace tabular view I think. Its way more flexible. Its very similar to the drupal concept of views.