How to resolve version conflict for pycodestyle?

I tried following the training Mastering Plone Theming - 5. Create a Plone Theme python package, but I got stalled when trying to run buildout for the tag bobtemplates.plone.git@1.0.5_boston. Here's the error message.

$ ./bin/buildout
Develop: '/Users/stevepiercy/projects/plone-theming-ibew/plonetheme.tango/.'
Version and requirements information containing pycodestyle:
  Requirement of flake8-todo: pycodestyle<3.0.0,>=2.0.0
  Requirement of flake8>=2.4.0: pycodestyle<2.1.0,>=2.0.0
  Getting section code-analysis.
  Initializing section code-analysis.
  Installing recipe plone.recipe.codeanalysis[recommended].
Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: pycodestyle 2.3.1
but flake8 3.0.4 requires 'pycodestyle<2.1.0,>=2.0.0'.

I looked through the issue tracker, and tried various version combinations in buildout.cfg, but to no avail.


flake8 = 3.3.0

in the buildout.cfg of plonetheme.tango (or equivalent if you named your package different)

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to be exact, these changes are already in the latest commit for bobtemplates.plone, so no need to file a ticket there. Just a release of bobtemplates.plone (or pull from source)

Huh, I could have sworn I set that under the [versions] stanza. Thank you, that worked.

Should I file a ticket/PR on the training documentation to use pip install git+ instead of the tagged version or to tell the user to edit their buildout.cfg?

@polyester we've been asking for a release for quite some time. @gforcada is not a pypi maintainer:

I was about to make a 2.0a1 release but I see that only @pbauer and @tisto are pypi maintainers... would you (@tisto @pbauer) either make the release or grant plone user on pypi the rights to do so?

and here as well. Can you get in touch with any of them?

ping @tisto @pbauer :slight_smile:

This should get fixed in release, irritating always having to pin this before buildout...

I'm hearing through the grapevine that @MrTango might be able to help get a new release of bobtemplates.plone out to pypi...

Guys, any news on getting a new release for bobtemplates.plone?

Hi, I'm currently working on a new release 2.x wich will bring the new subcommands to add structures like a new Dexterity Type inside a package.

My plan is to also refacture the theming part to be a subcommand too, rather then a full package.
That will make the templates even more modular and flexible. Then we only need one package template to create a basic plone package and add needed stuff like, Content Types or a theme later to it. And this allows us to even combine theme as we need it. To finish this I still need a bit more time.
As this changes a lot how we work with the templates, I would describe this as 2.x.

We have already changed the current structure in master, to have separated theme and python packages. They are working, but as I mentioned above will refactored more in the next weeks. If it really needed to have a 1.0.6 release now, we could create a branch from the 1.0.5 tag and just fix the version pinning.

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FYI, @MrTango made a new release on