How to remove "Plone is up and running" and set Plone site as home page

Created a plone site for learning purpose

However after installation its showing "Plone is up and running" on home page.

And the actual plone site displays under additional urlpatterns:

I want to display this plone site on homepage? Please help.

What you see at is the "Management Interface" of a Plone installation.

Your actual Plone site is probably at

In the above, Plone is the ID of the site, and it is part of the URL.

When you add more sites to that installation, you give them different IDs, so if you created Plone2, that new site would be at and so on.

So how could I display content within /Plone site on homepage instead of management interface.

The Heroku button is really meant for testing/trying out only. Normally, you would not expose the management interface to the public. Instead, you would put a web server like nginx in front of your Plone installation, and you would configure nginx so that browsing to causes nginx to rewrite that to http://localhost:8080/Plone

You can read about this in

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You can do this in the VHM mappings tab in the ZMI but it will require you to have another domain name, otherwise you might lose access to the root of the zope instance which would be bad.