How to re-enable ZServer in Plone 5.2?

What is the correct way to configure ZServer using zope2instance recipe?

Setting wsgi=off creates a messy configuration:

Omitting the wsgi option creates a default WSGI installation using Waitress.

opps...dumb question...again, I forgot that ZServer support is not there right now under Python 3

If someone wants to try, the WIP sources (for twisted + autobahn based ZServer) are:

plone.recipe.zope2instance = git branch=datakurre/zserver
ZServer = git branch=datakurre/py3

I'm not aware of any real issues with those, so feedback is welcome. (There's lot of polishing left though, e.g. fast-listen = false is not implemented, tests are failing because the old code is still there, and there's incomplete code for websockets support.)

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