How to customize the favicon of a Plone 5.2 site?

Is there a(n easy) way to customize the favicon of a Plone 5.2 site? If not, does this Plone 4 (quite ugly) method apply to Plone 5?

To have something you can use for all your sites using the same theme, do this:

In you theme, modify rules.xml (can also be done in index.html) to something like this:

  <after theme-children="/html/head" >
    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"
      href="{$portal_url}/favicon.png" />

Then you can just add an image 'favicon.png' to the root of your sites.

If you just want to do it for one site, maybe this (you just need to duplicate a theme and replace an image… not all the other stuff described ):

So: No matter how you do it, you basically just want to replace an image with another


There was an error with your code ("unclosed xml attribute") so I changed it for:

  <after theme-children="/html/head">
    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"

after having added an image at the root of my Plone site, with name and short name favicon.png.

But I still have, as favicon, the barcelonata icon.

I also tried, at the page .../++theme++barceloneta-theme-customized/@@theming-controlpanel-mapper?..., to upload a local file but the transfer failed.

Am I doing something wrong?

I didn't notice an error displayed on the pages after the change above:

Variable 'portal_url' has not been declared.

So I proceeded as advised here and the error disappeared.

Now, I haven't the barcelonata icon as favicon, but I've nothing.

With this is now really easy. You only need to create a plonetheme.barceloneta.theme.barceloneta-favicon.ico in your override folder. \o/


One should probably override the desktop-ikons (etc) also

These icons are used when you put your site on the 'mobile startscreen' / shortcut, and 'other things'.

There are a few generators that can help you make these, like

That said: since one can change icon in the control panel, it would be better if the favicon could also be changed the same way.

Sorry, I'm discovering your message only now.

With this is now really easy.

Well, I'm not sure that I'd find it so easy :wink:

Does "Now" mean it is implemented in the last Plone release (5.2.3)?

You only need to create a plonetheme.barceloneta.theme.barceloneta-favicon.ico in your override folder. \o/

Sorry for my maybe naive question, but what is this "override folder"?

I fully agree!

See 20. Customizing Existing Templates — Plone Training 2021 documentation


Sigh... All this to read and understand and apply, just for a customized favicon?! I try as often as possible to promote Plone but it's obvious that this kind of detail drives people away to other solutions such as WordPress or Drupal. (Philipp, this remark is not directed against you! :slight_smile:

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The documentation is for developers and integrators who create their own addon to customize Plone.

I agree that there should be a controlpanel where the favicons can be customized through the browser the same way as the logo.


In Plone, when you learn how to customize properly something, you can do a lot. The initial work will be repaid later.

I can feel your pain. I added a favicon field to my theming extension, but unfortunately this is not working with Python 3 right now.

Having a standard way of setting the favicon (as it is done with the logo), every theme can just link to the url. No need to customize a theme for that.

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I understand for a professional user of Plone. But that's not my case (I use Plone for the Website of the institute of technology where I'm a math teacher).