How to create a page template (plone 5)

I am new to plone and I managed to install plone and create pages. But, I am not sure how to create page templates. What I would like to do is to get the 'list of talks' example working. I understand that I need a template page which would be able
to generate list of talks and display in a table. But, I cannot figure out how to create the template page (or where to create it).

I hope it's clear what I want to do. If you could point me to a page or posting that describes this I'd be very grateful.

many thanks

Hi, do you mean ?

It's probably best to go through that Mastering Plone training sequentially.

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Hello Kim,
thank you for your very quick response. Whilst reading that document I couldn't understand where the browser/configure.zcml and other files were meant to go. Perhaps they are in the git example package?
I'll take a look at that and see if I can figure out how to proceed from there.
Many thanks for your help and hope the day goes well for you.

If you generated the add-on code via then it should have created a directory called "browser" in which you would edit the file configure.zcml. Does that make sense?

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Hello Kim,
thank you. Yes it makes sense. I'll give it a bash.
Many thanks

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