How to Contribute to Plone's Active projects?

Hi I'm Biraj Gupta. I'm new to open source contribution. I've searched various past years plone projects and would like to contribute to the community.
Anyone could guide me to Plone's active projects to which I can contribute?

Hi @BirajGupta

although I am not much involved with Plone directly, but with the underlying application server Zope, maybe I can give a few hints.

Where would you start? This greatly depends on your interest, your abilities and your current work setting.

For instance, I started contributing to Zope because maintaining a Zope app is my day job. At first, I found some problems in the documentation which I tried to fix, later I contributed small bug fixes and feature requests.

If you have no relation to Plone yet, maybe someone can guide you to a good starting point, but I would start by reading the documentation and try to install Plone and some addons, and maybe you find an error or something unclear in the documentation and report it. Maybe it is interesting and you dig into the source code right away and try to fix it on your own?

Anyway, contributing is not only code, but also answering questions on a forum, or writing blog articles, promoting the project and many other things.

Recently I read a very interesting interview how Pradyun came to be a pip maintainer:

This is my open source story - maybe you find something which could help you


Welcome to Plone!

You can start contributing to Plone Core or to a Plone-Addon. Latter is a good starting point too.

In any case, out major resource of documentation is and for complete trainings - and for any questions this community forum.
For Plone Core, there is a must-read section - read and understand all instructions there.

Then it depends whats your skills are or which skills you want to learn. You may tell us more about your intends!