How to clear floats between pages when using the display type of All Content


I have a simple UI where I display a list of board members. I use a separate page for each person and the the display type of "All Content" so they flow vertically down the web page the view sees. For each plone page there is a photo (left aligned) with some profile info to the right.

Because of the left aligned image the pages don't flow correctly when there is a short bio. I need to insert a "clear: both" between the vertically displayed pages for them to flow properly . How would you go about doing this?

You can see the issue with the link below. The alignment of the board members at the bottom of the page is the problem I need to resolve.

If you google search gmesaz and view the "Board of Directors" page you can see the problem I'm trying to resolve.

Thanks for any assistance.

.visualIEFloatFix { clear: both}