How to change admin password without webinterface?

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unfortunately I took the password admin at buildout and recogniced the change password functionality on the webinterface is not available for Plone 5.1rc1.
I know I should not use 5.1rc1 for production but I started my website using Vagrant which is unfortunately using 5.1rc1.

Can anyone help here?

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The password you have set in buildout is almost surely the password for a Zope manager and not that for a Plone user. You should be able to change that password via the ZMI (= "Zope Management Interface"). Visit the url url_to_your_instance/acl_users/users/manage_users, identify the user defined in buildout and press its Password button.

Thank you Dieter for your replay,

I have found url_to_my_side/acl_users/source_users/manage_users

The Zope manager which is admin at my side is not listed there. Unfortunately one can login at the webinterface using the Zope manager. So it should be possible to change the password from time to time. I hope the Zope managers password is going to be changeable in 5.1.
The only solution I found is to create a new DB using a complex password (unchangeable) and recreate my website.

Your url_to_my_site points to your Plone portal. But, almost surely, the user is in the root folder's acl_users. Omit the Plone id from url_to_my_site (you might need to access Zope directly, not via a Web server (if something in the Web server directly enters your Plone portal)). Likely, the user source there is users (not source_users). I.e. try url_to_my_zope_root_folder/acl_users/users/manage_users`.

This should be url_to_my_zope_root_folder/acl_users/users/manage_users.

I didn't knew that; use the Emergency User as described in Zope's documentation:

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