How to add file upload member field in Users and groups

Hi I want to add a file upload field as members field in Users and Groups

...supposed to do what exactly?


In Site Setup --> User & Groups there is a tab called Member Fields, which provides options to create new Member fields I want to create a new field for FileUpload so that when I create or update a User I have a field where I can upload a PDF or VCF file.

But when I try to create a new field the Field type drop-down does not have a file upload field option.

How to add the MemberFiledsFileUpload option in that drop-down while defining a new fields

You could use a Rich Text and include a link to the PDF

Now whenever I try to add a new filed it shows me this message

There were some errors.

It does not even show me the error trace, any idea what can be the reason, if I try to edit the existing field using settings link, when I try to save the fields it shows following error

Traceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 138, in publish
Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 77, in mapply
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 48, in call_object
Module plone.z3cform.layout, line 66, in call
Module plone.z3cform.layout, line 50, in update
Module plone.z3cform.fieldsets.extensible, line 59, in update
Module plone.z3cform.patch, line 30, in GroupForm_update
Module, line 132, in update
Module z3c.form.form, line 136, in updateWidgets
Module z3c.form.field, line 277, in update
Module z3c.form.browser.textarea, line 37, in update
Module z3c.form.browser.widget, line 171, in update
Module z3c.form.widget, line 106, in update
Module z3c.form.datamanager, line 76, in query
Module plone.schemaeditor.browser.field.edit, line 83, in get
Module z3c.form.datamanager, line 71, in get
Module plone.schemaeditor.fields, line 117, in getattr
TypeError: 'VcardNamesVocabulary' object is not iterable

You could try this approach (and add the Blob field in xml).