How to add e-commerce functionality in Volto

I need to implement e-commerce in my Volto project is there any way to do that ??

I've recently started working on an integration with medusajs, but nothing to show right now.


please let me know if you need any helps or testing !

Maybe in about a month, that's my optimistic time estimation.

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We have implemented an e-commerce like website with Volto in the past months.

It has several integrations with different back-end-servers, and we have achieved that in the Plone side.

We have implemented a shopping cart in Volto and when the user clicks "buy", all the information is sent to a back-end endpoint, which returns where the user should be redirected with which parameters to confirm the payment (our client has 2 or 3 payment processors, used depending on user selection and back-end settings). Usually the payment service requires doing a HTTP POST with a encrypted text to a given URL, and that's what our back-end returns and Volto shows to the end-user.

In our case the client is selling both physical books, digital books and registration to courses. In each case a different back-end process is launched to verify the payment and access to the digital asset.

The website is and it is fully in Basque, so you may not understand it :slight_smile:

If you have some specific questions, we may give more specific answers.


Please check your inbox :slightly_smiling_face: