How to activate Zope Management Interface?

Hello Team,
I am very new to this tool. I would like to start a Portal customization of one of the Government portal in Plone.

  1. How to set up Development Instance, Testing Instance and Production Instances in Plone?
  2. How to customization the plone logo as per the client requirements?
    I need three logo's in the header section
  3. How to link a page to sub-page?
    Eg: If a user clicks on About Us it should have three sub-pages like "General" "Functions and "Budget"
  4. How to customize the footer section?

Kindly, help me out on the above issues?

Warm Regards,
Praveen Kodi

Easiest is to run the Plone installer and give it different destination directories, e.g. /opt/Plone-dev /opt/Plone-test and /opt/Plone-prod

Then you copy your buildout.cfg and related buildout files between the instances as well as the Data.fs and blob storage folders as needed.

Please refer to

You'll need to explain this. By default Plone supports one logo per site.

Make a folder called "About Us" and in that folder make three Pages.

I see you asked that separately, and I've provided an answer.

I'm not sure why you gave this thread the title about the ZMI...

Thanks for your response of my queries. ZMI problem is solved when I login as Admin then only ZMI will be visible