How do you get rid of the Welcome text in Plone 6 Beta 1?

I'm testing the new Plone 6, Beta 1. As with Plone 5, I added a new Page object and then designated that new Page object as the Default Content. Once designated, however, the text for the default home page remains AND the data in the RichText field of the designated Page object is not displayed. The Title and Description of the designated Page object are displayed, but not its RichText field. Instead, the contents of the default page seem to have been inherited from the default. (See image below.) Is there any way to change that behavior?

Welcome text is now on the Plone Site dexterity item. There the IRichText behavior is activated and the document_view is set as layout. But you should also be able to set a new page as default page. This hasn't changed since Plone 5.