How do i map the old pre-plone 5 javascript features to corresponding features in plone 5?

For instance:


There is a post about it Collapsiblesections.js is gone- long live pat-collapsible?
but grepping through the code gives me nothing.

Do we have a mapping of old -> new patterns?

Small easy tasks seems to have become time-consuming...

What specifically are you trying to do?

I'm trying to port an addon from plone 4 to plone 5.

In plone 4 there were several javascript features usable by addons, such as table_sorter, enableFormTabbing, collapsible sections, and so on. (I remember a page in the documentation with an overview, but I cannot find it any longer).

In plone 5 much of this is reimplemented as patterns, or deprecated.

But I'm looking for a systematic way to get an overview of what is possible in plone 5 javascript out of the box, especially for use in addons.

Do we have a list of the patterns enabled in plone 5 somewhere?

Plone 5 comes with a modified version of bootstrap 3, right? What is possible here?

For example:
I can see in the source that bootstrap collapse is packaged: