How do I exclude a path from a catalog search?

I have this Query that work to find everything in events that has been modified in the last year
catalog(modified={'query': DateTime()-365,'range': 'min'},path='/Plone/events')
but I want to exclude a folder contain with in events, /Plone/events/folder5
How do I exclude folder5 from the catalog search?

This will depend on the Products.ZCatalog version; Plone 5.0 (latest) uses 3.0.2 which provides “Support for more complex catalog queries" (3.0.3 as of Plone 5.1 latest), while Plone 4.3 uses 2.13.27 (or 2.3.29, as of Plone 4.3.17+). For Products.ZCatalog 2.3.x, there might not be a clean solution, and you'd need to filter the results of the query yourself.

Or Products.AdvancedQuery might help. I didn't try it yet.

I'm not yet ready to switch to Plone 5, and thus don't have know-how I could share. But I reckon this is a question of interest which would deserve some documentation (no hints currently, neither on the "Querying" page for Plone 5 nor for Plone 4).