How can I migrate my web content to another plone site?

Hi all,
I'm quite new in Plone, but I've just create a new site using python and the dexterity contents adding personalized contents.
Once I've created this contents I've created new events, pages, news... And I want to migrate only this web content to another plone site, not the content types.
I've already tried to do it using the manage export/import tool, but it only imports the types.
Any help?

You can check for different approaches of doing this in

If your other Plone site is 'the same' (same versions, same add-ons etc), you can migrate the content as a ZEXP file from http://localhost:8080/yoursite/manage_main (put all your stuff in one folder, maybe).

Then put the zexp file in /var/instance/import of the new site and go to http://otherzope:8080/othersite/manage_main and import it there.

Maybe you have to rebuild the catalog, too

I've tried this two or three times but plone only import the content types, not the web content

What do you mean with "import types"??? If you perform ZEXP export/import of a Plone content folder or content object then it will be re-created in the same way as on the original site (as written: source and target Plone system must have an identical setup). ZEXP/import will handle content and not configurations. Types are your question or statements do not make much sense.

I'll try to explain using an example.
Let's supose that I've created a content type named "events" where there're many events, e.g: event1, event2.
I know how to import the "events" type between sites, but not the event1 and event2.

As said: this is how you do it:

What you are asking and saying is both incomplete and inconsistent and makes no sense to me.
Describe exactly what you are doing where and how.


Maybe I have guessed what you mean, so this is probably what you dont understand:

Plone has a 'folder structure', so you export the content from the folder structure, not from the control panel or a 'database'.

In other words if your url is http://mysite/somthing/a_page
it probably means that you have a folder called 'something' and inside that you have a page (or a news items / event) named 'a_page'.

If this is the case, you should go to http://mysite/manage_main and 'check' 'something' and click 'export' (and do the rest I explained before)

Yes, that was the thing
I solved it adding a new add-on named plone.importexport so that now I can export all.
Many thanks to all