How can i install 5.2 on heroku account

I have a heroku account and would like to install 5.2 for test.

Here: it says i can install 5.1.4 on Heroku. is there a way to install 5.2 instead?


It uses which was updated by @witek to use 5.1.5 but I forgot to update the page.

Depending on how comfortable you are with poking at it, it probably isn’t hard to update a branch of the repo to use 5.2 and have your Heroku account use it for a new deployment. But it would probably be more work to get 5.2 and Python 3

Use the site if you just want to try out 5.2

Thanks @tkimnguyen I wanted to test one of the standard plone themes listed here:

i tried uploading the zip but got an error because the size was too large. I'll wait until the programmer returns from vacation and have him create an instance for me.

Perhaps the demo site could be updated to have one or more of the themes uploaded by the admin so testers could go into the theme panel and switch between them. this would provide valuable testing for the themes.

When I last tested these themes, only one worked well with Plone 5.1.5 so someone will need to update them for 5.1.5 and 5.2.

The intent of is to let people test Plone out of the box. It would be quite some effort to have it include add-ons, because those add-ons would have to be tested for compatibility first, and we’d be opening up a can of worms regarding which add-ons get included or not. If someone has the time and energy to set something up that does this and is willing to maintain it, then please let us know!

The Heroku deployment option is also meant as a simple demo, so you would have to tweak it to allow big uploads.

@tkimnguyen Thanks for the explanation. I now understand how my "simple" request would result in more work for the volunteers.

Thx for understanding @rileydog but all good things start as ideas so if you were to take on a portion of that (eg just organizing a thing and calling for volunteers) it could very well happen. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to call attention to a thing, so thank you.

fix the 5 themes to work with Plone 5.1.5 and 5.2
add tests to the themes so we can use CI to determine if they are rendering correctly
add CI to run the tests to ensure that the themes work with all new releases of Plone
ensure that CI-reported errors with the themes are reported to individuals willing to make fixes quickly
figure out how to disable or not include a broken theme in buildout
add themes to the buildout
add instructions on explaining how to try out the themes

Looking ahead, when we release Plone 6 and have Volto as the new default UI, these themes are going to be useful only if someone enables the classic Plone UI.

It takes a lot of energy to make new Plone releases, so someone else not already involved in that would be best suited to taking this on.

I just checked and the Heroku deploy button actually uses Plone 5.1.5, because @witek had updated to do so ~6 months ago and I had neglected to update the page until just now.

Future Imperfect is the one that works very nicely with 5.1.5 ... and 5.2! It's running on (work in progress), with Plone 5.2 on Python 3.

I am testing the theme from @espenmn testing his theme as I hope to use it on my site. He has it running on 5.2. Once my site is upgraded to 5.2 i want to try it there.
Once I have my test site on 5.2 I will test some of the free themes.

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