How can I add the AGX pluggin to Eclipse if the Web Page doesn't exist?

Hi, I've just recently started to use Plone and I'm trying to add code with AGX to import to Plone then but I can't install the plugin to Eclipse.
I added the PyDev plugin before using the URL but the AGX web page doesn't exist or it's down.
Is there another way to install it??

I haven't used AGX for 7 years. Is it still supported?

Forget it, AGX is old and obsolete.


And what can I use to do it? Is there a similar plugin? I need a way to change some behaviours that are impossible to change from the Plone Web.

Write Python code as documented in depth in the Plone developers guide with your favorite editor.


Would be a pleasure if you could link here a way to implement the python code in Plone Web.


I have no idea what AGX is but maybe if you tried to describe what you are trying to do, we might be able to help you.

I want to do the same that this men is doing in the video. But I need a way to do it without the AGX pluggin because it's obsolete.

Do what exactly? Create new content-types using Python? If you are looking for skeleton generation then checkout "plonecli" or "mr.bobtemplates"


Are you sure that is what you want to do ?

For example, if you just want to make some new content types, this is now doable TTW, by clicking in the control panel.

… and view can be made TTW with