How can I add RSS content type?


One of our customers would like a page which list contents from a RSS feed. He's looking for a content types which works same as RSS portlets.
Actually he use RSS portlet, but he would also have a content type with views from a RSS feed. So he can increase number of RSS items and put more information as images, ...

Do you know any plugins like that ?

Maybe, one of the following:

take a look at collective.feedaggregator, it defines a Feed Aggregator Dexterity-based content type that shows all entries on a list of feeds:

every Feed Aggregator includes a list of feeds to be processed. the entries in the feeds are parsed in parallel using multiprocessing. results are cached for 15 minutes on an instance base. caching is invalidated if a Feed Aggregator is modified in any way.

@mgraf @hvelarde Thank you,

It seems collective.feedaggregator is exactly what I would use.
But it also seems that views work with collective.cover and we do not use that plugin.

no, that's not the case: collective.feedaggregator includes a tile that is registered if collective.cover is installed, but collective.cover is not a hard dependency of collective.feedaggregator in any way:

collective.feedaggregator includes a default view for the content type that lists feeds items in a batch, mimicking the way collections work.