horizontally align form fields

Good Morning,

I'm very new to Plone.

Is there a way to align form fields horizontally ? I'm trying to create a grid to collect adjustments to time clock entries. The form is only going to be emailed, no database updates.

Much Thanks

Which form fields? CSS?

Good Morning,

Mostly string fields. My experience with CSS is very limited, it was suggested to use Flexbox.

I was hoping native Plone had a way to align fields horizontally.

D Keith Henderson

All layout is basically done with CSS.

That said: If you use an add-on (like collective.easyform), there are a lot of html 'around the fields', so styling them can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Flex is a good suggestion, alternatively use CSS grid.

When using Flex, make sure you set 'width', min-width AND max-width, or it might look strange in some browsers.

Since Plone 6 we‘re using Bootstrap 5. This example might help you aligning the form fields Layout · Bootstrap v5.2 see horizontal form