Horizontal scrollbar for smartphone

Good day.

I have a Huawei Nova 2 with Plone 5.0.4. (Installed via termux and ubuntu core)

The issue is no horizontal scrollbar is seen.... when using firefox browser. Is this a browser constraint or a Plone UI constraint. Given the limited “screen estate” of a 5.5inch smartphone.... are there any possible solutions to navigating a page?

Thank you in advance.


Usually, you should not need to scroll right or left.
In other words: the theme is not made proberly, so you should fix the theme (with CSS).

At least, you probably want this:

img { max-width: 100%; }

In some cases, you might need to scroll for example a table horizontal. On a smartphone you just 'drag the table left', but you should also consider alternative ways. (scrolling only part of the table or for example stackable (stacktable.js ) or similar

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