history of handling the files

I want to know how you can enable the history of handling the files that can be seen who reviewed the document, who deleted it, who
Discharge etc.

Part of this is managed by the workflow. In fact, the workflow is the process controlling (some of) the operations on an object. The workflow maintains important information about the (workflow controlled) operations, called "transitions", on the object in the attribute "workflow_history". What is important is defined in the workflow (transition) definition. Usually, it contains "when" and "who".

"File" objects are usually not subject to workflow in Plone (you can change this). Modifications to an object are usually not restricted by the workflow and therefore, you usually do not see in the workflow history who made a modification.

As the workflow history is maintained at the object, it is lost once the object is deleted.

You might have a look at CMFEditions to get more information about the fate of an object.

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