Hiccups getting started with Volto following volto.plone.org

On ubuntu 18.04 I follow the steps from https://volto.plone.org

It seems to assume the following:

  1. I have yarn installed
  2. I have create-volto-app installed

I had to npm install -g create-volto-app and npm install -g yarn

When I get to the yarn start step
I get the following output

yarn run v1.22.4
warning ../package.json: No license field
error volto-starter-kit@0.0.1-alpha: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version "~8.11.3". Got "10.21.0"
error Commands cannot run with an incompatible environment.

It seems there is a need to ensure the version of node is 8.11.3.

I think the volto.plone.org can use an update to link more explicitly to https://docs.voltocms.com/getting-started/install/ . That page explicitly tells people to install an LTS version - v12.16.1 to be exact.

More specifically, volto.plone.org doesn't state to install create-volto-app. I had to look that one up in the full docs too.

So I decided to follow along with Frontend — Plone Documentation v6.0
I get this annoying thing where the "copy to clipboard" functionality includes the $ prompt.
For example it literally copies:
$ nvm install 12.16.1
Which results in the following error:
$: command not found
I've seen this type of thing frustrate newbies, who have no idea what the issue is.

There's also the issue of knowing when to use 'sudo'
npm -g i @plone/create-volto-app does not work on my setup while
sudo npm -g i @plone/create-volto-app does work.

Finally... something as simple as changing directory after running:

create-volto-app myvoltoapp

Is really important.

I suppose this all depends on the assumed level of experience of the person following the instructions.

You should not have to use sudo if you follow the installation guide.

Thank you for giving this a go, it is really helpful in getting a more fool proof setup!
Could you add an issue to https://github.com/plone/volto/issues to someone can take a look at this?

Thanks a lot for giving Volto a shot and sharing your problems with us! This is super important and helpful!

I removed all the "$" from the examples (https://github.com/plone/volto/commit/676af646bb8e0843d53e1670bf3acd4718f64414) and made the "cd myvoltoapp" more explicit in the install.md file (https://github.com/plone/volto/commit/a63121ca521341a230d11391133f0a8089c88ef3).

Please give it another shot and let us know if that works for you.

In general if you find ways to improve the current docs, please consider creating a pull request to make this easier for everybody!

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It may be best for me to try this again on a fresh installation.