Help with plone - frequent timeout and unavailable service

Hi there,

I'm new here. I'd like some help in zope/plone. We have a single server running an old version of plone, v3. This server contains an site, which frequently being unavailable, with a timeout message. I don't know if its correlated, but with netstat we realize that a increase of connections in the port 80 makes the site worst, until the complete unavailability.

Besides the problem of the version, which actions we could do in order to minimize/solve this problem?

I aprecciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

Are you running Zope/Plone behind some reverse proxy? Zope does not usually does not generate any timeout responses. Your Zope/Plone might be busy with requests (only N current requests can be worked on where N is the number of Zope ZServer threads). Either too many requests or long running requests may cause the timeout. In this case you would horizontally scale your Plone with a ZEO setup and multiple app servers.


Andreas, thanks for your quick response.

About the reverse proxy, no we don't have.

About the other points, how could i discovery the number of threads and the time configured to the requests?

Thanks again.

Is not a good idea to deploy a production site without a front end web server and a cache proxy; please read the Guide to deploying and installing Plone in production and come back, in case you need further help, with specific questions.

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