Help out the Arnhem sprint remotely - de-grokify some pages!

Hi developers and others who are currently not in Arnhem, but are willing to help the efforts going on in Arnhem to get our docs ready for Plone 5!

If you have some time to spare, the following would be awesome :

  • go to
  • create a branch
  • fix one (or more :smile: ) of the offending pages by removing references to grok and adding the non-grok way of doing stuff, and according to your skill level, also see if the advice is still current best practice. Edit accordingly.
  • push to github (onto your branch)
  • create a pull request against the 5.0 branch (easiest done through the github web interface)
  • tick the box on the issue to let others know which page has been improved
  • enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling...

we'll take care of backporting to the 4.x branch, where possible.

(there are more tasks to be done, but this would be a great start. Do let us know if you have more cycles to spare, there's tickets for many skill levels)

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and three cheers for Kim Chee, who did all of them in one day!!

So, you'll have to pick one of the other tickets...

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Hooray hooray! :smiley: