Help needed to understand ModifiedDate shown on folder view

Can someone please give me some insight into this problem I am having?
There is ModifiedDate shown underneath each item in folder view (source :
There is also one in the document view (which I cannot find the source to).
These two are apparently two different modification dates but why? I was able to change the modification date using this guide: and the modified date successfully changes, however, the modified date in the folder view underneath this now modified object shows the time that the object is modified not the date that is set to.
Why are these two different? And is there a way to get them consistent with each other?

I think that what you see in the folder view is the result of a catalog query by the Javascript code of this Plone part. By itself it's not wrong since the catalog reflects normally the data in the objects, however when you are doing this kind of changes by hand, you should do the reindexation yourself.

then commit transaction.

it's really a documentation bug.

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