Help - DatetimeFieldWidget with Pickadate?

hi all,

i used DatetimeFieldWidget to help user to choice date and time
but it does not show any button.

I must somehow install JavaScript library pickadate to my Plone 5.2?
Could anyone show me the way how to install Pickadate to Plone?

Many thanks for your times.

from import DatetimeFieldWidget


    termdatetime = schema.Datetime(

        title=_(u'Date and time of meeting'),








Please have a look at and test

And it's corresponding issue (for easyform, but it is also relevant if you create custom views that are served to 'anonymous' visitors: )

[edit/summary] Some widgets are only loaded for logged in users as they can see many edit forms, but for 'anonymous forms' some of the patterns and their relatd css/js resources are not bundled.

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