Has anyone tried Integrating Plone with Mattermost

I wanted to implement a chat functionality with Plone. I believe I will need some push notification. However,I am aware of an effort to implement push notification in Plone and it being in its early stage, so i chose to use matermost .
The main problems are

  • Plone currently not having push notification functionalities.
  • I wanted to implement a Messaging service that would allow the users to communicate either privately or in a group or under the discussion of a content type

Otherwise from Plone not allowing the messaging functionality as how I wanted. I wanted to integrate Plone with MattterMost. What I really wanted to get done are:

  • Create a new user whenever a Plone user is made in Mattermost
  • I created a content type called Project but I was wondering if it would be possible to create a new channel whenever that content type is created
  • I wanted the users who were added to that content type to be added also to the channel in Mattermost

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And what is the question?

You might also want to consider collective.converse which integrates XMPP to Plone. We have used it in Plone 5.1.4 using Prosody as the XMPP server.

XMPP....nice having had a standard but nowadays a dead horse and widely abandoned.

I have updated the topic of the problem. Hope its clearer now than previously ad it was a little vague.

Oh i see. It looks like a pretty good option going to look into it

I like this , however i was wondering if your able to manipulate it with the rest api

You can rely on Plone's native Content Rules. You might want to enhance it with a plugin (collective.contentrules.runscript) which allows Python scripts to be executed when triggers such as a new specific content type item is created. And you might have to create custom a Trigger Event with a subscriber to the event when a user is given permissions on a content type (if that's what you meant with "user added to content type").

To know when a new user is made in Mattermost (or other events there) you have to listen for their Webhooks. For that try collective.webhook - it works integrated to Content Rules.

Oh i see thanks

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I tried using runscript in plone 5 but i am having some trouble. I was wondering if anyone had any success with it using plone 5. In addition i was wondering if there is any plugin that allows you to run scripts on trigger

Events and subscribers?

Awesome great thnx it works perfectly