GSoC'23 aspirant

Hello everyone,

I am Rakshith Ganesh,an undergraduate student and a web developer who is passionate about learning many new stuffs :wink: and contributing to open source projects and also very interested in contributing to organisations(if so).

I would like to contribute to Plone community and also want to be a part of Plone Foundation.
As i am new to this community , i request someone to guide me?
and also may i know whether this Organisation is participating for GSoC'23?(if its not contributing i am interested to know how CMS using plone works)

Rakshith Ganesh

@rakshith6404 Welcome to Plone!
We recommend starting with the Plone 6 Documentation for how to try the demo and install Plone. Install Plone Docs . Documentation are pretty clear and you may not have any difficulty installing and setting up Plone locally and if do get stuck somewhere feel free to ask here for help :wink:
Contribute to Docs: Contribute to Documentation
Contribute to Volto: Volto Contributing Guide

As for participation in GSOC'23, afaik Plone have a long history with GSOC and YES they will be participating in it. See: Google Summer of Code

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